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You are invited to attend the Chero-Cola Seminar at 9:00 AM, Saturday Morning, August, 18th, in the Mississippian Room, of the FOHBC convention in Collinsville, Illinois. Collectors Mike Elling and Dennis I. Smith will discuss this famous Columbus, Georgia, caramel-colored sweet-soda brand.


Listing of Chero-Cola Bottles and Cities.

If you have bottles to report please email the information to the Email Me link at the bottom of this page. Identify which type by year from the picture above. If it is a non-standard or ACL bottle please email or mail pictures or rubbings so they can be posted for the benefit of others.


The Story of Chero-Cola

The laboratory genius of Coca-Cola inventor John Styth Pemberton in formulating the world's most favorite soft drink has been widely recognized. Doc Pemberton's success as an inventor was not equalled as a salesman. He died a pauper and it remained for others to make a commercial success of his creation.

The inventor of Georgia's other cola, Claude Adkins Hatcher, had the business sense to succeed where Pemberton failed. By 1920, Chero-Cola was in a head-to-head race for top selling soft drink in America. Were it not for a 1921 court decision causing Hatcher to stop using the word Cola, todays Cola Wars would likely be a three-way battle.

Although Chero -Formerly Chero-Cola remained on the market for most of the next three decades Hatcher had lost a major battle. He recovered with his NEHI line of fruit drinks and re-entered the Cola Wars with his successful Royal Crown Cola but his companies never again came within reach of the top of the cola field.

This 48-page book is the story of Claude Hatcher and his Chero-Cola. Much of it has never been published. Part is from interviews made thirty years ago with Claude Hatchers nephew, Wilbur Hatcher Glenn, and others who grew up with Chero-Cola early in the last century. Part comes from files in the old company headquarters in Columbus made availible at the same time.

A future book will cover the origin and success of NEHI and Royal Crown Cola.



THERE'S NONE SO GOOD: The Story of Chero-Cola may be ordered direct from the author for $15 postpaid to US address. Send your payment to: Dennis Smith,P. O. Box 1913, Buffalo, NY 14225. For More Information:

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